What you are going to discover here is a site that is focused on the exciting topics of charter fishing and shark cage fishing.

The Blog

This is an overview of what the intent of this site is. It explains why these two topics were chosen to create a website around.

The Similarities Between Marlin Fishing and Casino Wins

The post that touches on this topic is most intriguing. Before reading this post is likely that most would never think that there could be similarities between Marlin fishing and casino gameplay. You will be entertained with what you are going to learn from this interesting post.

Taking a Look at Shark Cage Diving

For those people who are looking for a thrill then maybe just reading about shark cage diving is enough. For most that have an interest in this topic, they want to experience the real thing. The post that we have provided here gives some insight as to what this entails and what some of the options are that go with it.

Things to Consider When Booking a Fishing Charter

For those who are thinking about participating in a deep sea charter shortly then the post we have here will be a great starting point. It is filled with tips as to what to consider when booking one of these events.

Deep Sea Fishing Basics

This is a post that will help even the most novice deep sea fisherman. There are some quick tips that can be used by those who are only going to try this experience while on vacation. It also gives a head up for those who may consider this sport on a more serious nature.

Sports Betting and Fishing

Undoubtedly this is a topic that is new to some people, but it also provides an opportunity to enjoy sports fishing in another way. The post here covers this topic in quite a bit of detail.