Shark Cage Diving Safety Tips

Shark cage diving is becoming one of the most famous underwater sporting activities in the world. It is quite safe provided you stick to the rules and guidelines provided by your instructor. The safety measures are enacted to guarantee your wellbeing all times when underwater. Always remember these safety tips if you are planning for a thrilling shark cage diving experience.

Entering the Cage

Entering into the cage for the first time can be very challenging. You might end up hurting yourself if you get it wrong. The most important thing is finding a controlled balance of your body when getting in the cage. The controlled seated method is the best for getting in and out of the cage. This method entails using both hands to guide your body gently when going in. It is the safest method you can use when going in and getting out of the cage.

Camera Equipment

You will definitely want to document one of the best thrilling underwater activities. To avoid harming yourself, get into the cage first without your camera equipment. Then someone can hand you the cameras when inside the cage. You should never extend your camera beyond the cages to avoid dropping it or injuring your limbs. When getting out, you should hand your cameras to someone who is already outside. You can also get out and let someone else who is still inside to hand you the cameras.

Never Get Your Body Outside the Cage

This might sound like an obvious safety tip, but most people fail to understand its significance. When you are underwater for cage diving, always ensure that all your body parts remain inside the cage. This is for your own safety and to ensure that no bodily harm befalls you.

Maintaining the Right Body Balance

You may ignore finding the right body balance once inside the cage. It is something you should consider with seriousness. You should always use one hand to hold onto the cage at all times. That helps you to remain steady and also avoid knocking other cages undertaking similar activities.

If you are planning for a shark cage diving experience, then you should consider the above safety tips.