The Best Locations for Charter Fishing in Canada

Canada is a fishing gem that can spoil your choice. You can choose to fish in freshwater or saltwater locations. There are hundreds of fish species and more than three million anglers who cast their baits within Canada. There are thousands of lakes in Canada, leaving you with a wide selection to select from.
Are you finding it hard to choose the best fishing location? Here is our list of recommendations!

Ucluelet, British Columbia

Ucluelet, located along British Columbia is one of the best fishing locations in Canada. There are several fishing hotspots in the North Pacific region. It is famous for Chinook Salmon and the pacific halibut species. The best time for visiting the area is between May to September. It is the best time to catch big Chinook fishes, including Coho and Pink Salmon species.
If you are planning to visit Ucluelet, you can book a fishing boat from local licensed dealers. It is illegal to fish with ideal licensing in Canada.

Bras d’Or Lake

Did you think you can only go for deep fishing only in the ocean? You are wrong! Bras d’Or Lake is an inland sea found at the center of an island in Nova Scotia. The waters on the lake are much calm than in oceans meaning you’ll have a very relaxed angling experience. There are more than twenty marine fish species as it is fully salty. It is common with brook, brown, rainbow trout, steelheads, herring, and many others. You can visit the region anytime but is famous for large catches from June to September.

Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba

It is one of central Canada’s fishing gem and the eleventh largest lake in the world. With a stretch of around 270 miles, it offers anglers the ideal experience for people seeking a thrilling fishing adventure. During summertime, you are likely to catch the famous Walleye, Largemouth Bass, Carp and the Yellow Perch fishes. It is the best time to visit Lake Winnipeg as you get a chance to also explore the beautiful sandy beaches.

North Lake

Located in Prince Edward Island, it is one of the places you should visit. It is referred to as the ‘Tuna Capital of the World’ because of the Giant Bluefin Tuna. The best time for your charter fishing trip is between July to October as Tuna species migrate to the area. You might catch Bluefin Tuna weighing more than 100 pounds if you are lucky!
You can also register to participate in the annual Canada International Tuna Cup Challenge. It takes place every September and remains one of the best fishing competitions globally.

Mississauga, Ontario

You are required to obtain a resident or non-resident fishing permit from Ontario authorities before you go for the charter fishing trip. It is common to have consistent Chinook and Coho catches during the spring and as they migrate. Other famous species you can find are Steelhead, Brown, Walleye, Largemouth bass and Lake Trout. They flock the waters during different times of the year.

Plan for your charter fishing trip and choose one of the above locations in Canada and enjoy the time of your lifetime!