Things You Should Carry When Going for Charter Fishing Trip

Charter fishing is becoming one of the best ocean activities to undertake during vacations. After planning your trip and booking the boat, there are essential things that you need to carry. When going for the trip, be sure to pack items in the following list.


The type of clothing is a significant consideration when packing for the planned charter fishing activity. Wearing the right outfit keeps you safe and comfortable, making you enjoy the trip.

For extremely cold climates like Canada, you should go for high-quality and layering attire. You should consider buying high-quality waterproof clothes and numerous pairs of socks and innerwear to change if you get soaked. Do not forget to include heavy jackets and gloves to keep you warm.

Do not assume clothing for temperate and tropical climates is less demanding than cold climates. If you choose the wrong attire, spending several hours under hot weather can turn your trip into a nightmare.


There is no way you are going for the dream fishing experience and fail to document it on camera. You have to capture pictures of your catches, yourself and the oceanic sceneries. You should use a professional camera instead of a mobile phone camera for clear images and better video quality.

Sun Screen

You need to protect your skin by all means. Consider using a high-quality sunscreen that does not react with your skin or melts easily after application. It should also not leave a greasy residue as that can affect your grip when fishing.

The best option for you is an oil-free, waterproof and hypoallergenic sunscreen. You should apply sunscreen frequently, more so if it is during the summer. Remember to check the expiry date before purchase.


If you are going on a trip to a foreign county, it is recommendable to pack your own pharmaceuticals. Foreign pharmacies can prove to be a pain in the neck when there is a language barrier. They may also lack the medication you need.

If you are allergic to certain weather patterns, consult your personal physician before travelling. It is much easier and safer to carry your own medicines than to need and go looking for them while on the trip.

Comfortable Footwear

High-quality footwear is important for an amazing charter fishing trip as it guarantees comfort. Look for lightweight shoes that have a soft footbed. If you decide to go for sandals during summer, light-weight and flexible sandals are designed to offer comfort.

Good fishing shoes should be easy-to-clean and resistant to slip, odour, and UV emissions. Buy shoes that have a drainage tunnel to get rid of water that gets inside the shoes. Avoid buying tight shoes as they can leave you with blisters and spoil your trip.

Do not forget to pack the above items plan your charter fishing trip!