Taking a Look at Shark Cage Diving

There are a group of people and a large one at that that are always on the hunt for the next big thrill. For some, this leads them to shark cage diving. Is this for them the ultimate thrill? Or is it just another step to the next adventure?

The Great White Shark

Being lowered into the sea does not mean that an up close and personal encounter is not going to to take place with many different types of sea species. However, for those who are looking for the ultimate, they are looking for this experience with the great white shark.

This is because this species of fish is said to dominate the ocean and is considered to be amongst the top predators in this environment. Which contributes to the thrill of shark cage diving. Many realise that this particular shark holds the record for the fatal attacks against humans.

Shark Diving Locations

There are many different locations where shark cage diving is available. Most who are going to participate in this want to do where the chances are the greatest that they will experience a shark encounter. For many, the choice is Shark Alley which is located off the Gansbaai Coast. Here is where the sharks carry out seal hunting and are known to be one of the most heavily populated areas with white sharks compared to anywhere else in the world.

The Shark Approach

What adds to the thrill of the shark cage diving is the way that the shark scouts their prey. They like to use ambush tactics where they get below their victims and travel at speeds of 35mph.

The Shark Cage Approach

Each shark cage adventure is different. The criteria for it will vary according to those who are providing this opportunity. Some will have it, so participants are lowered into the ocean to a certain depth. Only protected by the cage that they have entered in. Relying on the use of oxygen tanks for their breathing.

Another approach is a cage that is attached to an underwater boat. Here participants enter the cage but only rely on wet suits and masks, with no breathing support. When a shark is spotted, those in the partial cage will lower themselves under the water and view the happenings as long as they can hold their breath. Each diver has their own opinion as to which is best, and both provide a different experience. Some feel safer with the boat method as there is no risk of the cage breaking lose. Others like the full emersion because they have their breathing apparatus to rely on, which allows them longer viewing.

Shark cage diving is a popular business, and it is easy to see why.