Why Catching a Marlin Is like Winning at a Casino

Most everyone welcomes a challenge. This can revolve around many different occurrences. For some, the challenge may come from winning big at a casino. For others, it may come from landing the biggest marlin ever recorded. Two different activities, yet they both have some things in common.

The Thrill of the Casino Win

There are a large number of people who enjoy online casino activities. They have the opportunity to take advantage of portals like Mobile Unibet, which lets online casino lovers play their favourite casino games no matter where they are. Provided they have access to a mobile device and the internet. This means they have a chance to land a very substantial casino win.

Substantial casino wins can vary according to what the play feels is a big win. For some just doubling their bet by way of a win is a big win to them. For others, it is landing a jackpot. These two components of casino play have some similarities to those who enjoy a completely different form of entertainment like chartered fishing.

The Thrill of Landing a Marlin

For those who are into deep sea fishing landing a marlin creates a thrill that could be compared to a casino win. Both of these activities are creating a challenge of a win. For the fisherman, the gain is being the victor of a fight against a Marlin. For the casino player, the challenge is lining up the right icons that constitute a win.

For the casino payer, the win is on all about the perception of the player. The same applies to those who are fishing for Marlin. For some just being able to land a Marlin is a thrill. For others landing a Marlin that is a record breaker is the ultimate. Just like those casino players who are going after a big win like a jackpot.

The Odds

Both forms of entertainment come with their odds of a victory.

Odds for Catching a Fish

While there may not be any specific odds recorded for catching a particular species like a Marlin, there are some general odds available for catching fish in general. These odds are just educated guesses and are not based on scientific fact. For example:

  • It is estimated that the odds are better at catching a fish through bottom fishing compared to sport fishing.
  • Sports fishing odds are that a catch has a 10% success per every hour spent on fishing up to about 85%. Meaning there is a 15% chance no matter how long one participates in the fishing event they may not land a catch.

Odd of Landing a Big Casino Win

The odds for landing a big jackpot, for example when playing the slots is far more complex. They do this by determining the probabilities of landing the needed icons to win the jackpot for any specific slot machine. With these odds, the laws of average are considered and the house edge.

All of this supports the premise that chartered fishing and casino gameplay do have a lot in common.